Sunday, February 20, 2011


Jeremy and Makayla went on a date last night:) We love taking the kids on dates. The kids are always asking when it's their turn to go out on a date. I guess they don't come frequent enough for them.

Makayla's been taking piano for maybe four months now. There was a day a few months ago that Makayla wasn't wanting to practice and Jeremy happened to be home. So he brought Makayla to the computer and showed her some clips of Jerry Lee Lewis jamming on the piano. He told her how important it is to practice and maybe one day she'd be able to play like Jerry Lee Lewis.

Makayla has been infatuated with him ever since.

A few weeks ago Jeremy saw a billboard for the Choctaw Casino in OK featuring Jerry Lee Lewis. So of course he bought tickets and him and Makayla went last night to go see him perform.

He's in his late seventies (?) A little older now but still a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...

It was sooooo fun. It was at the Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma. It's only about an hour away. HE ROCKED!! We did see at least one kid younger than Makayla. It was mostly old people or older people, but we had fun.

natallie said...

Thanks for posting about what you've been up too. glad you're busy making fun memories!

Jillian said...

that is so much fun. What a perfect date!!!!

Dusty and Amy said...

That is so perfect!