Tuesday, September 06, 2011

My Day

Nothing really important about today, but I thought that I would just like to let everyone know about it for some reason. I loved today, so I thought I would share it. My day today started by getting Jackson to Pre School. He had a great 1st week, but for whatever reason, he needed a bit of coaxing to get him excited about going back today. I love his comment to me after his first day of school last week when I asked what he learned on his first day - "You don't learn anything at school Dad." After school, Chauntel and I went to an institute class that is being held at the Stake Center on Tuesday mornings - Old Testament. It's great to be able to go with Chauntel. We decided that since we were out, we should make a date out of it. Off to lunch we went, went and got me a few shirts at the store, and just hung out. It was time then to go and pick Jackson back up. He was in a different outfit. He is still having a problem with his bladder, but I told him, that's alright bud. He told me, "yeah Dad, it's ok, huh?" My heart breaks for him with him peeing his pants everyday still. Some days are better than others, but we go to the Urologist soon and we'll find out what's going on.
We went to Wal Mart on the way home to get some wood screws for the fence in the backyard that fell over. Again. So I'll fix that tomorrow. When I got home, I had time to go to the gym before dinner. I saw a friend up there and we worked out together for a while and then I came on back home. It was great to see the kids when I got back and dinner was ready, so we sat down to eat. We play this game that we started several years ago where we get one of the kids' plastic forks, turn it over and spin it. Whoever the fork is pointing to, they either have to tell us about their day or we all have to say why we love that person. We play it every night; the kids make sure there is an extra fork every night at dinner time.
After dinner Isaac got ready for cub scouts and Jackson wanted me to get my computer set up on youtube so he could watch race cars. I said that I would, but then forgot. A little later, I noticed he had been following me around and asked again about the race cars. I quickly got back over and set him up. We watched race car crash clips for a while. I love that he loves race cars. I love that Isaac got his "Bobcat" badge tonight at scouts. I love hearing how everyone loved Kayla's birthday pencils that she passed out today to everyone in her class at school.
I had a football game tonight too. We won. It's a lot of fun playing and hanging out with the fellas. I had a few passes thrown to me, had a few sacks on the other quarterback tonight. Got dead-legged really bad; probably gonna hurt quite a bit tomorrow. And now I'm home. Everyone is asleep, but as I sat down at the computer I just felt so blessed and had a feeling of how much I loved today. Jackson's request of finding race cars on youtube echoed in my ear as I sat down in the quiet tonight. For whatever reason, I love that he loves race cars. I love that Isaac asked me tonight if we would have enough time tonight to help him memorize the 8th article of faith after dinner. I love that Kayla loves to write in her school notebook/planner and tells me that it makes her feel so grown up having a planner. I loved going out with Chauntel to lunch today. I love that she was the hottest woman in the restaurant. I love that I went home with the hottest woman in the restaurant.
To say that I feel and see the tender mercies of the Lord in my life this very day would perhaps be an understatement. I hope Jackson will still want to see race cars tomorrow; that Isaac will still want to learn the 8th article of faith; and that Kayla will still feel grown up tomorrow when she has to write in her planner.
I love being a Dad.


Anonymous said...

That was awesome. Made me tear up. You're a great Dad.


28schultzsandcounting said...

Made me tear up also, Jeremy. Thanks for sharing your day:) Mom S.

Unknown said...

It's the first time I read your blog. I think you're a great Dad!
Your children love you :)

Mark Elhum said...

amazing really i just diverted on your blog from Google, this post is so heart touching, no doubt you are great Dad!!

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Dusty and Amy said...

Yep, you made me cry. What a strong example you are and have been to me. I love you and your sweet little family so much. So blessed to have you as my brother, Jeremy.