Monday, March 03, 2008

First Soccer Game!!!!

Isaac had his first game on Saturday. It was so much fun to watch. He scored three goals. His first, was the first of the game and it was in the wrong goal:) And I didn't even get it on tape:( His second goal was so cute, he did a double fist pump with big "Yeeess." It too was a Kodak moment not caught on film. I will try better next time. The problem is that while I was taping the baby ran out on the field with a ball (a few times) So I had to pay more attention and wasn't able to tape everything.

Isaac was so cute, he kept giving his teammates hi-fives. I loved it.


KendalL said...

that is so funny, I can totally see Isaac scoring in the wrong goal. I bet he is a great soccer player.

Ro's Lumpy Breast said...

I love the uniforms Isaac looks so good in the lime green. I loved it when Cole was old enough to play a sport it made such a difference. He was able to use all that energy to do something he liked. I bet Isaac will do so well and have such a good time.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures bring back lot's of memeories for me. Blake played soccer last summer. It is so much fun to see how excited they get when they score even if it is in the wrong goal. Blake's team name was "GRAPE APES" so the coach would hang a purple towel over the goal so the kids would know where to kick it. Blak's favorite part of soccer was going to get snacks after the game.

Chris said...

Way to go Isaac! I wish we were there to cheer you on.

love you,

Dusty and Amy said...

I wish I could have been there too. He looks like he means business in that uniform!