Sunday, February 24, 2008

Valentine's Day Parties

These are some pictures of the kids at their school Valentine's Day parties. Jeremy and I were both able to go to Isaac's party. After we got home and were looking at all of his Valentine's he looks at me and asks, "they all love me?" It was so cute.

Makayla's party had no moms helping out so I took Jackson and Isaac to try and get things set up. When I got there the sub had everything together and ready, so I just stuck around for the party to start. It was a disaster. No one's parents came and there was a sub. So my kids were the center of attention and it was complete chaos. I had to leave because the sub was getting too stressed out. If the teacher had been there and other parents it wouldn't have been a big deal. So we went on the playground and waited for school to get out. All the other classes I walked by had like 5 or 6 parents there. Oh well it was an adventure.


Melinda said...

Hey Chauntel, I didn't know you had a blog! Great pictures! My blog is Feel free to visit anytime.

Anonymous said...

I love Isaac's comment about everyone loving him! We sure do love him too!
Makyala's smile reminds me of you Chauntel. Except she looks so much like her Logsdon aunts, but that toothy smile is yours!!
Jackson looks alittle bigger in his Valentine jammies picture. What does he weigh now and have you measured him recently?
What's your next step for him? Love and hugs all around, Mom S