Saturday, February 02, 2008

Events of the Logsdons

Our Saturdays here lately have been great. I play football every Saturday morning with some guys in our stake and then when I get home we find something to do together. Today it was the park and motorcycle riding. It was a beautiful day today. It got up to 67 and was just perfect. When I first got the bike, Isaac burned his foot on the exhaust pipe and hasn't been on since. Today he was brave and went on a ride and didn't want to get off! Then we all took turns on the bike and, as you can see, Jackson got in on it too. When he got off he said, "again!". He cried when it was time to put it up. Chauntel recorded Isaac laughing while he was watching America's funniest home videos the other day. His "belly laugh" (as we call it) is the funniest thing to hear. We love it when he does it. He didn't know Chauntel was recording him. She said that the best laughs of course were before she could get the camera. Jackson threw up today right after nap. Hopefully it is just a short lived something that doesn't spread to the kids. And I have gas. That's about it for now. I'm sure when Chauntel reads this, she'll think of other stuff to write about.


The Hunter Family said...

Jeremy, you don't seem to have found a cure for that problem of yours yet

Anonymous said...

At first Chauntel thought it was the water in Rexburg when we first got married. Then we moved to San Antonio and I convinced her it was the Mexican food. Then we moved to Houston and I told her it must be the humidity. Since we moved to Dallas we found out that actually it's the sun. So on cloudy days my family has a bit of relief.