Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jump Rope for Heart

I love that the school lets me come up to the school so much. They let me bring the baby while I make copies. They let me come anyday I want for lunch and yesterday for Jump Rope for Heart they let parents come and watch. I love to see Makayla experiencing school and friends. Her Valentine's Day Party is this week and I'm helping out with that. I'm guessing next year with two kids there I'll have even more chances to be up there.


Angela S said...

The public schools in Rexburg have an open policy about visiting. Parents can come whenever they want. For class, for lunch, whenever to observe. Its really great.

Dusty and Amy said...

I remember when I did Jump Rope for Heart. I thought it was so much fun. I remember lots of parents being there and it was a big deal.

I bet you did great, Makayla! I am really glad I got to see a picture of your school.

Anonymous said...

Actually Amy, Makayla didn't do that well. She kept trying to jump rope and couldn't do it. It started to really embarress me so I told her to sit down and don't try it again until she could do it right. She ended up not raising any money for the heart people and she was really a disappointment to the whole program.
Just kidding.