Wednesday, February 06, 2008


O.K. so I think everyone's almost over it. Jackson threw up on Saturday. I was sick Sunday night through Monday night and then Tuesday evening and last night Makayla and Isaac were throwing up:( I hate throw up. Nothing's worse. The only thing worse is Isaac eating a bright blue Basket Robins "Blueberry something or other" one hour before and staining my carpet with his throw up. I think we'll all be back to normal tomorrow. I hope.

I'm having a full physical tomorrow some hopeful I feel 100% by than.

Makayla started swim lessons last night (five hours before she spewed) She loved it and I'm so excited for her to have something she loves and It's fairly cheap. I mean compared to dance and sports. All she needs is gogles and a suit and she's set. So, until she gets sick of swim lessons it will be her thing. I think they have swim teams for little ones, but she said "NO WAY" Maybe when she gets a little more confident. She loves to remind Isaac that swimming is a sport. It's really cute. She also loves to go running with me. So maybe she'll be a cross country runner and a swimmer.

Isaac starts soccer in March. Hopefully it's a better experience than the last two times. It should be. It's not co-ed and they'll all be about the same age. They play on grass instead of inside on the hard floors.(falling down won't hurt as much)! And they get to play games which is his favorite part. I think he'll love the cleats and shin gaurds too. Which I got both second hand for total of $7. What a bargin.


natallie said...

change your blog name to "throwing up texans"

Chauntel said...


Anonymous said...

I'm so sad you are all sick:( Mfakayla I am so glad you are swimming!!! What a fun SPORT! Did you know aunt Jillian was on the high school swim team. She had a lot of fun doing that sport. Isaac will be awesome in outdoor soccor! I saw him in action in your back yard. Wish we were close enough to see them at their sport once in a while. Love Mom S

Big Mama said...

Logsdon! What a beautiful family you have! Wow! It's great to catch up and see how ya'll doin'. I'm so happy for you guys. I'm still living in the mission! YAHOO!!! We actually moved to Roseville and my husband works in Sacramento. It's nice to still be a part of it! I love this mission so much! So we're doing great! Is it ok if I add your link to my page so I can check up on you guys? It just makes it easier for me than trying to remember the URL. Hope all is well and congrats on your beautiful family! Sincerely, Brittney Meyer McOmber (Oroville 1st ward) ;-)

Niki Carter said...

You mean your not going to bring the whole family down on moving day! Good to talk to you earlier.

Anonymous said...

Brittney! It's great to hear from you. Of course you can add us to your blog. I love to show off my family to whoever is willing (or not willing) to let me to. I just visited your blog too. That's awesome that you're in Roseville. From what I hear, I wouldn't recognize the place. You're family pictures are great. You must be supermom to have your 4th on the way already. Good Luck.