Monday, March 01, 2010


Makayla and Isaac were both student of the week for their class. They were on the morning announcements this morning. I'm so proud of Isaac for getting mighty mustang twice in the last month. Could it be the new and improved Isaac on Meds:)

Makayla was dressed up to show her friends the outfit she thinking of wearing for the talent show. I tried to hint that she should wear something pretty today but she was really excited about showing everyone her cowboys outfit.

They got CiCi's pizza coupons so maybe we'll go there tonight for dinner to celebrate:)


KendalL said...

Just wondering what does it take to become a Mighty Mustang? That's really great of Issac getting it twice in a month! What is this talent show?? What is Makayla doing for it??

Chauntel said...

Makayla, two girlfriends and three boyfriends are sing and dancing. (Maybe) in the talent show.

Mighty mustang goes to the student in each class who shows respect, listens, and something else (i can't remember) I guess the student who is behaving good in class all week is the mighty mustang the next week.

Isaac got a note home from his music teacher and art teacher about how good he did in their classes last week (good manners, listening, and helping clean up)

Anonymous said...

Congradulations Isaac and Makayla! I am so very proud of your winning the mighty mustang! Love and hugs, Grandma S.

Anonymous said...

Give it up for the Logsdons! Whoo!Whoo! I am so proud of both of you. Have fun at CiCi's tonight. Love ya' Grammy
P.S. I see you getting into the action Jackson, love your smile.

Anonymous said...

That is SOOOOO AWESOME!!!! Congratuluations Makayla & Isaac! I'm so proud of you!!! Evan loves the picture of all three kiddos together and so do we.

I love you and miss you guys so much. Keep up the good work!!!

Aunt Melissa

Anonymous said...

By the way, Makayla, I'm diggin the Cowboys outfit!!! Too cute!!

Aunt Lissa

Dusty and Amy said...

Yay! Keep it up! That is so great!

Dinners and Dreams said...

First time here. Your family is beautiful. I like the song too :)