Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"No, Moses was in my Sunbeams!"

We had the sweetest experience with Jackson on Sunday.
Jeremy dressed up as Moses for Primary sharing time. He visited the Jr. and Sr. Primary (so all our kids got to see Dad dressed as Moses)
One of the Primary teachers let us know that Jackson was the first person in Jr. primary to guess who the visitor was going to be. Jeremy was in the hallway and they were giving clues to what prophet was going to visit and our little sunbeam was the one who guessed:)
That's not the sweet experience. That was just me bragging on my bud.
The sweetest thing was at dinner after church when the kids were trying to convince Jackson that moses was really Dad dressed up as Moses, but Jackson wasn't having it. He kept saying "No, Moses was in my Sunbeams!"


Angela S said...

That is great!

Dusty and Amy said...

That's precious. When he is convinced of something, nothing will change his mind. I still remember at the zoon in KY him telling me, "That is not no addox."