Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

Back to school:) Makayla and Isaac are about to get home from their first day of third grade and second grade! I hope they had a great day. I did! Jackson and I went to the gym, then he had preschool. He goes to preschool from 12 - 2:45 every M-W-F. I'm going to be kid free 9 hours a week! What will I do with myself.
Today I cleaned bathrooms, laundry, and dish. I was even about to run a few quick errands. I'm so giddy.


violet-butik said...

Hello from Turkey!
Good luck for your kids;) lucky you -free 9 hours do somethink for yourselfx

28schultzsandcounting said...

Happy school year kids and Chauntel!

A new beginning is so fun. The kids outfits sure do reflect their interests and personalities:)
Hugs Grandma