Sunday, August 15, 2010

Levie Landing

My sister Rochelle took us out on her boat yesterday. The kids had so much fun. Makayla kept saying "this is the best day ever" and Isaac kept saying "this is the best birthday party I've ever been to." We got all my kids to try out the tubes. Makayala cried a bit but now says it was her favorite thing yesterday. I'm glad they each decided to be brave and try it out. There were a few places to go cliff jumping. I was brave enough to jump off the lowest cliff. My nephew cole and my brother in-law jump off the highest clip (crazy) Ryan even did a back flip off of one of them.

Rochelle was such a great host. She bought so much food and worked so hard to make sure everyone had a great time. The weather was perfect and early in the day and late in the day there weren't too many boats out. Middle of the day however, there was too many out.

Natallie (my bestest childhood friend) brought her boat and family out with us also. They totally saved the day by having a grill and coal, because our grill was out of gas.


Niki Carter said...

I'm so glad that you are there having so much fun!!

natallie said...

ummm...i just noticed this picture you sneaky devil! brian would kill me if he saw this. maybe i'll stick it on the fridge! :) :) after i post a certain picture of ya from my photo album! :)