Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Water Slide Park

My sister Rochelle took us all to a water slide park in Hermiston OR. It was fun, mostly because Jackson was allowed to go down in his life vest as long as there was someone at the bottom to catch him. It was great. Most places we've been required the kids to be a certain height and be able to swim. Kendall took the twins down and Jillian took Joseph down. It was fun to see the little one get to go down the slides.

The weather was perfect of course. We've had a lot of fun this last week and a half. Been kept busy so, I think today (our last day here) we're going to keep it simple and relaxed.

I can't believe my summer is almost over. Here I was so scared for the summer to start and now I'm sad to see the kids go back to school. We've had a lot of successes and fun this summer.


Staigerfamily said...

We totally went to this same waterpark (about a month ago) and loved it! It was perfect for my boys because they were actually allowed to do stuff! Small world. . .