Tuesday, April 18, 2006

beach blonde

Makayla took this picture for me. Today I bleached my hair. I did it myself to save $. I'm blonde again.
If you can see my shirt it says SuperMom! Kind a laugh. I figured with three kids I deserve this shirt just for the effort of being super.


Rochelle said...

Hey Chauntel,

I love the hair it looks so good. Who cut your hair. It looks exactly like Bailey's hair cut. I really like it. You look like you have lost all your weight already. Ryan and I thought you looked like Bailey only with Blonde hair.
Love you!! In case I didn't say it what cute kids you have.

Sandra said...

I love your hair! What a great photographer Makayla's become! You are a supermom! Mom

Dusty and Amy said...

You did a good job on your hair and La did a good job with the picture.