Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dad keeps us rock'n

I thought these were some cute pictures of Jackson from yesterday. Last night we babysat for some friends so they could go on a date. They babysat for us last friday. Their kid are really good and they only have two we only leave Makayla and Isaac so its a nice trade. It's also nice to save a buck or two.

Jeremy plays his guitar every moment and occation he can think of. About a week ago Makayla told Jeremy "Daddy, you need to learn a new song" Since then he's learn a lot of new songs and the kids love to heard him play. It's nice to go outside where the kids play and jeremy plays his guitar and I just sit, hold the baby and watch them all.


Sandra said...

I love the idea of my grandchildren learning to play musical instraments!
They don't get that talent from Dad and I:)
Jackson is so cute! love those last pictures.
Love Mom

Dusty and Amy said...

That is too funny that Makayla said that to Jeremy about learning a new song. I remember saying that at home....and at my home now!