Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Morning

We have church at 11 so I dress the kids as close to 11 as possible so the won't get dirty. I left just enough time for pictures, because by the time church is over Isaac is usually shoeless, tieless, and dirty. Makayla's hair is usually down and she's shoeless.

We had a nice Easter. I would say relaxing but the kids are to crazey for relaxing.

This morning Christy and I have started meeting again at the park. She quit her morning job so now we can workout together. In three weeks Jackson will be 3 months and I can leave him in the gyms nursery. It will be good timing because it's already so hot in the morning. I'm so spoiled from working out at the gym. I forgot how hard it is to run at the park. My goal is to run in the Astros 5k again this year it will be my forth race and third at minute maid park. Last year I ran it preganant. This year will be harder since I havn't been working out a lot in the last 10 weeks. My goal is to someday make a quilt out of shirts from this race. We'll see


Rochelle said...

What beautiful children you have. It is nice to know mine are not the only ones that don't come home looking like when we left for church. Girls and fine hair and boys well what can I say. I like Isaac's outfit it looks really familiar?

Bailey said...

Cute Easter Outfits! When is your race It would be fun if I could come down and run a race with you. I am always trying to get people to run in mini marathons with me here. I guess I don't have enough dedication to do it all by my self.

Dusty and Amy said...

I LOVE these pictures. I miss you guys so much. Give all of your little rugrats a kiss and a hug for me!!