Thursday, May 04, 2006

This is the Easter picture of Jackson. The only one who would pose for the camera because he was asleep. Well If you're visiting our blog for the first time, I'm sure it's because Jeremy has been tell everyone he knows about our blog. There's a lot of pressure now to keep it current. The only problem is that I don't take enough pictures of the kids. Really, that's all people care about, are the pictures. I will continue to try and keep it current.

Life is sort of getting back to normal. Makayla's bored out of her mind at home all day with mom and Isaac teases her mercilessly. I don't think my floors have been mopped in at least a week.

Tonight Makayla said "I can't wait to have another baby. I just love babies." It was really cute but there's no chance of that happening soon. She'll just have to wait a little longer for another baby.

Tonight the whole family went outside and played baseball. Isaac is such a natural. Jeremy is so used to Isaac being so good that he won't really give Makayla a chance (much at first) but now she's hitting line drives at the pitcher (Jeremy) and sliding into first. It's so great to watch everyone having fun. I think it's the greatest feeling in the whole world. Even Jackson enjoys being outside and hearing everyone laughing, until it started raining on us.

Jeremy's sales men are here for the summer now. He only has 7 guys this year. I can't say I'm very sad about that at all. Hopefully he won't be as busy as he has been the last 4 summers. Last year he has 14 guys.


Bailey said...

That is the sweetest picture of Jackson. I understand the pressure to keep everything current on your blog. I have had such a hard time lately keeping up, and i'm sure you are just as busy with three kids.

Sandra said...

Such a sweet picture of Jackson! Even if he is asleep.
I know busy! You will be glad of any recording you do in the blog or elswhere when they are grown. I love the Pics of you girls! Such sweet memories. I know things were busy but I only remember the good things of parenting and the bad have lost there edge.

Rochelle said...

Chauntel, what a beautiful baby you have. I absolutly love that picture. I love sleeping pictures. They look so peaceful and sweet. It is when they wake up that changes. Well not so much at that age though. I love you.

Dusty and Amy said...

He looks like an angel! I am glad Makayla is getting a chance at ball. I think she would be good. I wish I could see her slide.