Sunday, May 28, 2006

racing, swimming, and sniffles

Jeremy and I ran the Astros 5K on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. Our friends Christie and Joe ran with us. I was a little nerve about running because I havn't ran 3 miles/outside in quite a while. We didn't walk any of it. Jeremy probably could have gone a little faster, but he stuck with me the whole time.

Kendall watched the kids and met us down at minute maid stadium. There was lots of food and a band playing music. After the ran we went swimming it was a fun day with the family. Makayla is getting used to the water and will almost try anything as long as she has floaties on. Isaac likes to stay in the shallow end of the pool and play.

Jeremy and I started to feel alittle sick the morning of the race and now we are very sick. Makayla was stuffed up last week than Isaac and now even the baby is sick. So, we all stayed home from church today. And are just taking it easy. Makayla is completely bored because she's feeling alot better and we're all wanting to take naps.


Rochelle said...

You guys look like you had a good time. I know Bailey really wanted to come. So it was hot for your weekend. Lucky! I am sorry to hear you guys are sick. It seems when one is sick everyone gets sick.

Dusty and Amy said...

You guys rock for running that!! Our ward announced a 5k on Memorial Day but they posted it as a Walk, Drive or Run. LOL I guess they just wanted the ward to get together no matter if people drove it.

Dusty and I spent that day out on seadoos with the office. It was his birthday and it was really nice to hang out and do something like that.