Monday, May 15, 2006

We met Dr. Megahed

Today we took Jackson to see Dr. Megahed. He's Jackson's nerosugeon. He thinks it would be O.K. to operate on Jackson at 6 months. That's only 3 months away. He's going to call and discuss it with Jackson's plastic surgeon, than give us a call. (the dr. said they do surguries like this one, a couple a times a month) which is more common than I thought. He told us that we caught it early on and that it's less surver than most his other cases.

It would be nice, for our nerves, to do the surgury in 3 months instead of 6. But it almost seems too near. He's 3month now and it's flown by so fast so I'm sure the next 3 months will come quickly also.


You all are fake Logsdons said...

We have that little fella in our prayers everynight, as well as all of you. Trust me, Blake says everyone's name, especially Noo Noo. I'm sure it is to stay up longer...... Anyway's, We love all of you and hope to see you all soon. Mike, Charla, & Blake

Rochelle said...

I am glad to hear they are doing it sooner. I was talking with Kendall because I hadn't heard weather or not the CAT scan turned out o.k. She said everything is cosmetic. I was really glad to hear that. What a blessing! Someone Ryan works with has a grandson that has the same thing. He is 18 months and they travel to Seattle. The told them they caught it early. Some people never catch it and the have lots of problems from it. So I am glad everything seems to be falling into place.