Saturday, February 06, 2010

bike a thon pics

here are some more pictures. the first one is of isaac making one of his many calls to people asking them, "did you hear what happened in haiti? will you help me with something?" makayla was always tallying the numbers to see how much we had. she was always keeping us posted. everyone had a great time. isaac did have a reality check on lap 5 when all of a sudden we looked up and he was stopped. of course mom came to the rescue and bundled him up, gave him her gloves, then he was off again. the kids got the montano family and makayla's friend, jill, in the effort also. isaac is holding his first donation he received after the race. the mclellan's came out and rooted us on half way through and gave isaac their money. thanks to them for their cheering!


Anonymous said...

You all look so bundled up! It looks like it was very cold. Thank you for thinking of others and organizing your bike-a-thon. You were so successful! I am so proud of you! Love you, Grammy