Saturday, February 06, 2010


this morning was our bike-a-thon (see one of our previous posts to learn more about it). it was soooo cold. i don't think we planned on that. we had a good time. i'm so happy for the kids and their efforts. all the big kids finished their 20 laps and the two little ones got a 20 lap ride. after our bike-a-thon we went to chick fil a. all together i think combined we got just over $350. we want to thank everyone who helped contribute to the bike a thon. the kids got so excited as they got the momentum rolling with everyone's pledges. the kids made all the calls to explain what we were doing and ask for their help. they also knocked doors in the neighborhood and asked for help also. everyone was so kind and gracious with their support. isaac especially couldn't contain his excitement. as we were trying to get him to bed the other night, he just kept asking to call one more person and said, "this is so fun!" we'll continue to keep our kids posted on the relief efforts that are going on in haiti and let them know that they certainly had a hand in helping the people down there.


natallie said...

way to go! that's awesome that you got the whole family involved. hard work can be fun. i'm glad it was such a success.