Tuesday, February 02, 2010


jackson had his first class today. it was the cutest thing ever. he was asked not to do front or back flips in class anymore. he did so good at following direction they're having him go to level 2. he was so happy to be there the whole time. i love watching my kids have fun. jacksons so easy to please the other two are a little more difficult. so he'll have his class on wed. at 9am instead of tues. now.


Anonymous said...

Wow Jackson! I love these pictures. You look like a future Olympic gymnist. Hope you have fun today. I will call you tonight. Love you, Grammy

KendalL said...

what a gymnast you are Jackson, I'm not surprised that you were moved up a class. Aunt Kendall

Bailey said...

How fun! I need to see if they have something like that here for Kooper. That foam pit looks like fun I want to jump in it.