Sunday, November 28, 2010


We decided to take out the old swing set in the backyard on Saturday. I gave them hammers and they had a blast! They all did a great job and loved it. I love the pictures of Isaac - one with his wild man hammer pose, the other after he hit his finger with the hammer. Makayla did a great job too. She took out all the lag bolts with the crescent wrench. She liked learning how to use the wrench. We decided also that we'd go fishing afterwards, so we dug up a bunch of grubs and worms. Makayla was proud of herself for getting the courage to touch them. We then went fishing, but at our fishing spot, there was a little beagle running around, so Makayla and Isaac wouldn't get out of the van, so they watched Jackson and I reel in fish after fish. I ended up taking them home and Jackson and I went back and caught a bunch more. We had a fun Thanksgiving weekend just hanging around the house.


Anonymous said...

Beagle? Aren't they little dogs? You kids make me laugh! Grandma S.

Jillian said...

LOL that's a good story about the beagle, Cody's sister's dog would scare the heck out of them, it's a crazy dog!! Are you planning on getting a new swing or rebuilding one?