Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Texoma . . . again

We made our annual trek to Eisenhower State Park today and went hiking again today. I took off work and we went. This is our third time going up - we love to go hiking and rock climbing there. There are lots of trails and camping areas, but we've found our favorite spot to go and we go there every time. Makayla was especially excited and just started jumping and climbing down the cliffs and trails. It's always a great time. We finished the afternoon off at Cracker Barrel. That may have been the best decision of our married life so far. Everyone was so hungry and ate everything on their plate! The one picture of Isaac is him beating a dead bird to death again.


Ashley said...

Soooo, are you gonna share that favorite spot or is it a Logsdon family secret? I LOVE the areas with the pick rocks to climb on. Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

It's only secret because we probably couldn't explain how to get there. You'll have to come with us sometime so we can show you guys. It's always a lot of fun!