Monday, November 01, 2010

The Logsdon's Doings

Me - "Jackson, what are you going to do on your mission?"
Jackson - "Play football. Football IS my mission."

Those were Jackson's words last night during our scripture study before bed. We were talking about what missionaries do and after we talked about it, I wanted to make sure he got something out of it. That was his answer. Another successful scripture study.

That's Jackson. If football is on, he goes and gets his football helmet and football and you have to end up playing because he WILL NOT STOP until you do. He is obsessed with whatever sport is on his mind. If baseball is on, he's a baseball player for the night. The same with basketball, hockey (we went to a Dallas Stars game last year and that kick has lasted a year now), golf, and whatever else he sees. He's ALWAYS on the go. He absolutely cannot walk across the room. He will start to walk, then skip, then roll head first, then karate kick whoever is there or not there. He loves contact; he initiates it. It's always him that will go to Isaac and say, "hey Isaac, lets go wrestle." or "hey Isaac, let's go box". Isaac is usually good about not pounding him too bad and just does his famous belly laugh that is extremely contagious when Jackson pounds him.

I wanted to post some more pics of the kids (and my hot wife. seriously, check her out. her weakness is cookies and stuff like that. If she indulges, her butt gets bigger. My weakness is her. When I indulge, just my smile gets bigger. Lucky me.) I posted one of Jackson helping me get a snake off a glue board that got stuck at one of my customer's houses. I brought it home and Jackson helped me get it off while Isaac watched from inside. Jackson loved it and really helped me. We rubbed vegetable oil on it to make the sticky wear off, then we let it loose in a neighbor's yard.

There's a picture of Isaac at soccer. The boys are really doing well in soccer this year. Isaac scored 3 goals last Saturday in his game and Jackson scored 4. We love to watch them play. Makayla started piano this week also and has her 2nd lesson tomorrow. She was so nervous before her first lesson, but afterwards came right home and played something for us. She is really excited to play. We are so proud of her.

The picture of Chauntel is her with her Young Women's Presidency. I think it was at her YW in Excellence night. She came up with the idea of doing a Wizard of Oz theme and her Presidency and Advisors really helped out a lot and she was so happy with how it turned out. I am so proud of her and how hard she works at being the YW president in our ward. She is ALWAYS thinking of the girls in our ward and how the program can help them. It's great for her and our family.

The Logsdons are a blessed bunch. In spite of me, the Lord continues to bless us immeasurably. We see the hand of the Lord in our family daily and feel so fortunate. We talk about the goodness of God and the Gospel plan that centers on our Savior Jesus Christ each day. We look for ways to serve others and try to find joy in a life that can be difficult at times. We believe that God knows us and our needs and have chosen to always trust in Him. It has yet to fail us so far, and know that it never will.


Dusty and Amy said...

Thanks for this post. You guys are awesome.